Simon’s Cat – BATHTIME – Missing Cat Pt. 1

Simon’s Cat – BATHTIME – Missing Cat Pt. 1
Do cats really need baths? generally speaking, no. After all, grooming themselves is something cats do very well. And you must of noticed how much time your kitty spends at it. Because of their barbed tongues they are usually quite capable of keeping their own coats clean without any help from us humans. But saying that, there are times when it may be necessary to bathe your kitty and unless you have a cat that doesn’t mind water, it’s going to be a very difficult process.

In this episode of Simon’s cat, “A cute messy cat has an unpleasant bathtime experience.” As you can well imagine, things don’t go quite to plan! This is the first part of 4 part special.

Click here to meet a cat that really enjoys bath time.

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