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Best Sifting Litter Box (2024): For Easy Cleaning And Odor Control

Posted in: Cat Litter, Litter Box - Last Updated: January 8, 2024 - Author: Rebekah Carter
Posted in Cat Litter, Litter Box 
Last Updated: January 27, 2023  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Today, we’re going to be reviewing and comparing some of the best sifting litter boxes available on the market today. These cat litter products can be a real-time-saver for pet parents, as they allow you to rapidly remove and sieve waste from your kitty’s litter tray in seconds. 

sifting litter box

Rather than having to scrape through litter with a shovel, you can simply remove the sifting section of the litter tray, and clear multiple pieces of waste at once. This makes it easier to keep your litter trays clean for your cats, which means happier kitties, and happier owners too. 

We’ve scoured the market for some of the most highly rated and popular sifting boxes and trays to suit every budget and need. With a little help from our own furry friends, we’ve assessed the market leaders, to bring you our list of some of the most reliable litter pans and box options. Let’s take a closer look. 

Best Sifting Litter Box: Our Overall Choice

We can definitely say that we love this Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning litter Box. If you're looking for an inexpensive and convenient way to keep your cat happy, and to keep you happy from always dreading scooping and cleaning a cat litter box then this is for you for sure. A simple and effective sifting box that we rate highly!

3 Best Sifting Litter Box Picks - Best, Value & Premium

There are loads of great sifting litter boxes out there today, but some really go above and beyond expectations when it comes to durability, convenience, ease of use, and reliability.

Our Top 3 Choices

Best Overall

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box, Midnight Black, Large (EL-RA20-1)

Omega Paw Elite Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  • Integrated step to reduce tracking
  • Spacious interior for larger cats
  • Durable materials throughout

Best Value

Catit Smartsift Automatic Sifting Cat Litter Box

Catit Design Smartsift Sifting Cat Pan

  • Simple lever operation
  • Large capacity for bigger cats
  • Integrated carbon filter to reduce odor

Premium Choice

Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box Scoop Free Cat Litter Tray with Microban, Made in USA

Pet mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter

  • Simple easy cleaning & sifting technology
  • Made with durable, recycled materials
  • Works with all types of clay litter, pellet litter & heavy litter

We’ve narrowed down our favorite choices into the 3 best sifting cat litter boxes, as each of the boxes address all kinds of different needs.

1. Omega Paw Elite Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Overall Top Pick)

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box, Midnight Black, Large (EL-RA20-1)

If you’re looking for a robust, efficient, and spacious sifting cat box, the top of the range Elite from Omega Paw is a great choice. 

The key difference between this and the rest of the Omega Paw sifting litter boxes is that it’s the largest in their range.

This means it also comes with a wide range of bonus features, such as an integrated litter step, chrome-plated locking clips, and a patented self-sifting grate.

The grate separates waste from clean litter, depositing waste into a convenient pull-out tray, to eliminate the need for a scooper. 

This reliable litter box reduces the risk of litter tracking and is made with high-performance materials, to minimize the risk of breakage.

It also looks relatively stylish too, so you can maintain your home’s aesthetic while giving your cats a fantastic bathroom space.


  • Integrated step to reduce tracking
  • Spacious interior for larger cats
  • Durable materials throughout
  • Patented sifting grate
  • Stylish appearance


  • Waste can get stuck from time to time
  • Takes a little effort to operate it

2. Catit Design Smartsift Sifting Cat Pan (Premium Pick)

Catit Smartsift Automatic Sifting Cat Litter Box

Smart and effortless, this self-sifting litter box is a fantastic tool for maximizing the use of cat litter.

The closed design means there are no annoying messes, no smelly cat odors to worry about, and no dust.

Simply pull the lever when you want to refresh the cat litter, and you’ll be ready to go. There’s even an integrated carbon filter to reduce odors. 

If you want to take your litter box to the next level, you can also add on the Catit Ammonia buster to absorb and retain more hazardous ammonia gasses.

There are no motorized parts or expensive pieces to replace, and more importantly, there are no loud noises to scare your cat.


  • Simple lever operation
  • Large capacity for bigger cats
  • Integrated carbon filter to reduce odor
  • No loud noises to scare cats
  • Helps to reduce tracking and dust


  • The entrance is a little high for some cats
  • Quite a bulky product

3. Pet mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box (Value Pick)

Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box Scoop Free Cat Litter Tray with Microban, Made in USA

If you’re looking for a slightly more budget-friendly product that still makes cleaning your litter boxes easier, the Petmate Arm & Hammer sifting litter pan product could be an ideal choice.

Made from recycled materials, this durable tray is easy to use. All you need to do is simply lift the sifting tray out of the main system whenever you want to remove waste. 

The product features patented odor control via antimicrobial protection, to help eliminate the growth of odor causing bacteria.

Plus, this item is suitable for use with a range of different types of litter, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing specific litter options to use with this Arm & hammer sifting litter box.


  • Simple easy cleaning & sifting technology
  • Made with durable, recycled materials
  • Works with all types of clay litter, pellet litter & heavy litter
  • Extra-large size  product
  • Prevents odors and bacteria


  • Can be a little tricky to lift at first
  • May be too small for some larger cats

Best Sifting Litter Boxes: Alternative Picks

While the three options above should work well for most needs, there’s always a chance you might find yourself searching for something different.

Fortunately, we tracked down a few alternative options too, so you have more range to choose from. These products offer the same level of durability and reliability as the items mentioned above.

4. Van Ness CP77 Enclosed Sifting Cat Pan

Van Ness CP77 Enclosed Sifting Cat Pan/Litter Box, Extra Large (225026)

The Van Ness enclosed sifting pan is a great choice if you’re looking for enclosed pans that’s are both budget-friendly, and reliable.

Made with durable, but lightweight materials, this product makes it simple to get rid of litter without scoops in no time. There’s an enclosed pan system, to help give your kitty a little extra privacy. 

The included Zeolite air filter helps to reduce odor, and it’s replaceable, so you can maintain your freshness for longer.

The plastic is also stain, and odor resistant. What’s more, the removable top means it’s easy to clean everything out at once when you want to completely refill your litter tray.


  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Durable and lightweight plastic
  • Enclosed pan for privacy
  • Extra-large for bigger cats
  • Budget friendly


  • Only one color option available
  • There may be some leaking issues

5. PETKIT Self Cleaning Cat Litter Tray

PETKIT Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, PuraMax Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats, App Control/xSecure/Odor Removal Automatic Cat Litter Box Includes Trash Bags and K3 Smart Air Purifier Spray

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on simplifying your litter cleaning routine, this could be the product for you.

The intelligent, motorized solution can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

There’s even a system in place for tracking your cat’s weight, time of use, and various other factors.

Plus, there’s plenty of space insight for cats of up to 22 lbs. 

The internal sensors guarantee safety for your cats, by ensuring the device doesn’t start working while a kitty is inside.

There’s also a smart odor removal system, with automatic deodorization, so you can keep unwanted smells out of your home.

As an added benefit, this product works with all kinds of cat litter, so you don’t have to buy specialist products. 


  • Automatic app-controlled cleaning
  • Plenty of space for larger cats
  • Features for tracking your cat’s health
  • Odor reducing and deodorizing
  • Completely safe for kitties


  • The machine can occasionally suffer from errors
  • Sawdust can be quite difficult to clean

6. Omega Paw Roll n’ Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe

Omega Paw get a second spot in our top sifting litter box picks with their standard (or ‘regular’) sifting box. 

This is slightly smaller than the Elite, which we’ve made our number one choice. This regular version lacks a few features, and is a little smaller, but that also makes it cheaper.

It’s still simple and stylish, with no electronic components, this sifting litter box is a real-time saver for pet parents.

It only takes 3 simple steps to clean fully, and you don’t need to use any sifting liners.

Made with high-quality materials, the durable tray is built to stand the test of time. When you want to remove excess waste, you simply roll the box onto its top, and then back into the upright position.

The patented grate inside of the system scoops clumped waste and deposits it into the pull out tray for rapid cleaning.

There’s a locking mechanism on the lid, to keep it in place and eliminate the risk of spills. Plus, it comes with a useful handle in case you want to remove the full lid at once. 


  • Easy to use with no electricity
  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Good locking system
  • No need for liners


  • Can sometimes waste a little litter
  • May be a little large for some homes
best sifting cat litter box

Sifting Litter Box: Buyers Guide

With so many options to choose from in the sifting litter box market, it can be difficult to know where to start searching for the right solution. Here’s some guidance and top tips to assist you in making a choice you can feel confident about. 

How Does A Sifting Litter Box Work?

Sifting litter boxes can come in a range of different designs. Fundamentally, they’re all created to make it easier for you to get rid of waste. Rather than having a single pan you need to clean with a scoop, most sifting litter boxes include an additional “grate” pan. 

You fill the box with litter as normal, but when the time comes to scoop, you use the sifting mechanism to remove all the waste at once.

Some solutions include a rolling mechanism, while others allow you to simply lift the grate out of the solid pan. There are also advanced, mechanized boxes available on the market that can do all the hard work for you. 

sifting cat litter box

Why We Like Sifting Litter Boxes?

Sifting litter boxes are convenient. As much as us pet parents love our kitties, most of us don’t particularly enjoy the task of cleaning the litter tray. This is particularly true when we need to scoop and remove each clump of waste individually. A sifting litter box ensures you can keep your cat’s tray clean for longer, with minimal effort. 

In some cases, these cat products can even help you to make the most of your litter, because you can remove waste quickly before it contaminates the rest of the box. 

The benefits of sifting litter boxes include:

  • Durability: Even the simplest litter boxes aren’t much good if they don’t stand the test of time. The right solution should be made with high-quality, sturdy materials. It’s also worth looking for something that won’t easily stain or crack during use. Remember to think about the size of the box too. The smaller the tray, the more trouble your cat will have using it.
  • Design: The right sifting litter box should have a design that makes it as simple and straightforward to use as possible. Look for a convenient tray that requires minimal effort on your part to keep clean. Some options come with levers and simple systems, so you don’t have to struggle with lifting an entire sifting pan at once. Make sure it’s easy to remove any lids and refill your tray between uses too. If you have a big kitty make sure you opt for a large sifting litter pan.
  • Budget: There are all kinds of sifting litter trays out there, intended for different budget levels. Some of the most advanced products can be extremely expensive, particularly if they include motorized or mechanical features. Think about how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping. Keep in mind, cheaper trays can be less durable.
  • Easy to clean litter box: While a sifting litter box will reduce the time you spend scooping the tray, you’ll still need to fully clean the system from time to time. Ideally, you’ll want a product with a non-stick finish, as this will help to prevent dirty litter from getting stuck to the sides. Ergonomic handles can be useful too, to assist with lifting. 
  • Odor control: This is particularly important if you’re shopping for litter for multiple cats. If you’re worried about odors, it might be a good idea to choose a covered litter box. There are also products that come with anti-bacterial materials to reduce smells. Plus, you can find designs that include their own filters to absorb scents. 


Do cats like self-cleaning litter boxes?

All cats are different. While some cats will be fine with a sifting litter box, others may prefer something simpler. It’s best to look for something that suits your cat's preferences when it comes to going to the bathroom. For instance, ask yourself if your cat prefers a covered, or open-top tray. You’ll also need to ensure the tray is large enough for your furry friend. 

What is a sifting cat litter pan tray?

Unlike regular pans, a sifting cat litter tray is simply a litter box that allows you to remove a large amount of soiled waste at once, through the use of an internal grate system. It sifts through the litter to remove clumps, feces, and soiled litter waste, so you can keep your trays cleaner for longer. 

How often should you sift cat litter?

Most litter boxes need to be scooped a couple of times a day. It’s best if you can get to the tray as soon as your cat has finished going to the bathroom. However, you might be able to wait and sift the tray just once every other day if your cat doesn’t use the bathroom as often. 

best sifting litter box

Best Sifting Litter Box: The Verdict

There are plenty of great sifting litter boxes out there if you’re looking for a tool to help you reduce the time you spend getting rid of cat waste. In this short buyer's guide, our favorite option is the Omega Paw Elite self-cleaning litter box. It’s simple and convenient, great at reducing odors, and it’s great for offering your cat some extra privacy too. Plus, you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. 

Good luck finding the sifting tray that’s right for you.

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