Is That a Cat Swimming Towards Me?

Two young fisherman had the surprise of their lives while fishing on a river in Alabama, USA.

They saw not one but two young cats jump off the river bank and swim towards their boat.

Jason Frost, one of the fisherman, told Buzzfeed News: “We were sitting there, fishing, facing the bank, and then behind us we heard a splash, I thought it was a fish jumping out of the water. I turned around and saw something swimming in the water – and then we heard it meow.”

As Jason pulled the ginger cat to safety, his friend Key heard another splash and saw a second cat jump off the bank and started making his way to their boat.

“This is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jason said. “Nobody I’ve spoken to has ever seen anything like this. Nobody even knew cats could swim. There were no houses for miles, somebody probably dropped them off there in the middle of the night. They were so desperate they swam all the way out to us and almost jumped in the boat.”
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They dried the cats off, played with them for a while and when they got back to shore a family with two young girls fell in love with them and offered to adopt them.

Jason added: “They played with us all day. They were loving on us and people went by and thought we were these crazy people who took their cats fishing.”

What a great fishing story with a happy ending to tell their friends !

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