15 Incredible Pictures of Purrfectly Camouflaged Cats

Camouflage is a well known technique used to avoid detection, the most obvious example of humans using it is in the army, a perfect way to be concealed and to surprise your enemy. Just like the army, cats are known to be masters of stealth and surprise, but because of their array of colours and markings you wouldn’t think that they have the ability to hide in the most unlikely of places.

But here is the proof that cats have also mastered the art of camouflage, using rugs, carpets, cushions and even other animals, they blend in to their background perfectly.

So take a look at these 15 incredible pictures of purrfectly camouflaged cats and see if you can spot the kitty within.

1. Stealth level: Expert!

camouflage 1

2. Couch mode!

camouflage 2

3. Leaves are a great source of camouflage….

camouflage 3

4. Even leaves on the stairs!

camouflage 4

5. This kitty loves hiding on her teddy bear!

camouflage 5

6. Why not get your hallway tiled to match your cat.

camouflage 6

7. Now you see me, now you don’t.

camouflage 7

8. A fluffy cat on a fluffy mat.

camouflage 8

9. Can you spot me?

camouflage 9

10. I’m a cushion!

camouflage 10

11. The camouflaged imposter.

camouflage 11

12. These fluffy rugs work a treat!

camouflage 12

13. It’s all in the eyes!

camouflage 13

14. “Wood” you believe it?

camouflage 14

15. This dog will do nicely!

camouflage 15

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