16 Funny Photos of Cats Destroying Your Property

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: August 25, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: August 25, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Have you ever had a problem with cats destroying your property?

If you are reading this you probably already have a cat in your family, if that is the case then you have probably also experienced one or two of the situations in this funny collection of photos.

Our kitties have a tendency to scratch things, and there isn’t really any point in getting angry with them – it just something that cats do. It’s all part of being a cat.

If they were in the great outdoors they would use a tree as a scratching post, it helps them pull off the old, dull, claw covering to reveal the sharper claws growing beneath it.

It also helps them tone their muscles and keep them in tip-top condition so they are at their best for hunting, they are predators after all.

All the other things they destroy about the house without using their claws happens when they are having fun or being clumsy. And have you noticed that after the fact they act as if nothing has happened.

Think about it, have you ever seen a guilty cat?

I’ve never seen a guilty cat, they either seem proud of their destruction or are very nonchalant about the damage they’ve caused. As I’ve said before, it’s a good job we love them unconditionally!

Scroll down to see some hilarious pictures of cats caught in the act of destroying your property

1. We don’t argue with him… 


2. A piece of a chair for a snack, nom, nom, nom!


3. Oops!


4. To make matters worse, this apartment is a rental


5. You can’t see it but these two have destroyed my depression. They saved my life and gave me purpose 


6. My cats having fun spoiling our Christmas decorations 


7. Laptop chomper 


8. I may look cute, but I’m actually 23 pound of Maine Coon sass and I’ll tear through anything!


9. Fortunately she only likes the thin cables! 


10. Thankfully our TV is safe, we just thought it would die when I saw this tail


11. He catches a pigeon and this is what I came home to… 


12. Does this count? My cat destroying my other cat’s face


13. A good scratch post and the leather furniture has never felt safer! 


14. This is why we can’t have nice things… 


15. I got slipper socks with pom-poms for Christmas, Betty decided they looked better without the pom-poms! 


16. “It wasn’t us, it was the dog!”


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