An Adorable Calico Kitten – 8th September 2014

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Time for an extremely adorable Ragdoll kitten….

adorable ragdoll kitten

What an adorable Calico kitten…..

calico kitten 1

A pair of tiny kittens all cuddled up and cosy.

kitten cuddles pair

5 little kittens all in a row.

What more could you ask for?

five in a row

Time for a big awwwww….. 

big awwwww

Now that would be complicated!

complicated relationships

Two very cute cats in a bag.

That’s enough to make me smile for an hour!

cats in a bag two

Who loves a ragdoll?

I do, especially one as cute as this!

ragdoll looking up

Oh my goodness what a big kitty! A Maine Coon I believe.

Have you got a large cat?

big kitty

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