20 of the Best Cat Posts That are Impossible Not to Love

It’s a well-known fact that cats + the Internet = comedy!

People from all walks of life from all over the world cannot resist posting pictures of their kitties in hilarious situations. It’s simple, you have a great picture of your kitty and you want to share it with the world so that they can enjoy it too.

This has been happening for so long now, that we all expect it, we all want to see kitties in hilarious situations, getting into trouble, having fun or just being completely cute.

We are all so use to sharing our life on the Internet, that adding kitty pictures seems par for the course and everybody loves it!

This is why at We Love Cats And Kittens, we post great selections of cat pics for everybody to enjoy. From joining the army to dancing in Paris, these kitties are going viral whether you like it or not.

1. Sooo Fluffy!


2. When You Lie On Your Resume And Still Get The Job


3. It Sees Me


4. Target Accquired


5. Himb Goomba. (He Is Here To Bring Joy, Please Skip This Post If You Want To Say Anything Negative About His Appearance)


6. Could You Please Say “Hi” To Peany?


7. Sarah (Dog) Stole A Bite Of Stella’s Food And Stella Came Running To Me In The Kitchen To Literally Bitch About It


8. A Bunch Of Fools!


9. About A Month Ago I Introduced My New Dog To My Cat. Here’s How Their Relationship Is Progressing


10. My Mom Adopted A Cat That Brings Her Slippers To Her Every Morning. I Didn’t Believe Her Until She Got It On Camera Finally


11. At The Vet’s Office


12. Cat Returns Home After, What Can Only Be Assumed To Be, A Fight With Spider-Man


13. Charm Them With The Old Razzle Dazzle


14. Like Cat, Like Human


15. Even Smol Cats Get A Step


16. Those Eyes…


17. Tasty Watermeowlon!


18. Heard My Husband Screaming While In The Shower…walked In On This


19. He Loves Getting Raked By The Back Scratcher. He Is My Zen Garden


20. My Cat Just Came Back From One Of Her Evening Strolls With Someone Else’s Keys In Her Mouth


Source: boredpanda

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