Floyd Is Now Colorado’s Most Popular Cat

floyd 1

Floyd the cat is the latest kitty to be riding the wave of Instagram fame.

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This delightful Persian cat, aka Floyd the Lion, has quickly become Colorado’s most popular cat. Floyd lives with Susie and Cami, and when they brought him home 3 years ago, they had no idea that he would be famous. It all began when Flori starting posting pictures of Floyd on her own Instagram account which she used as an outlet for her own creativity. She showed beautiful pictures of Floyd being entertaining and lighthearted, which soon became so popular that she decided to set up another account especially for him.

floyd 2

This adventurous kitty’s popularity grew and today he has nearly 35,000 followers on Instagram from all over the world. He also has his own t-shirt line with an underwear line soon to follow!

floyd 3
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Many of his pictures show Floyd enjoying leashed walks and hikes and this has inspired Floros and Garrison to work on a book with tips about how to travel with a cat.

floyd 5

And Floyd the Lion? He’s living a life full road trips, dressing up and lots and lots of cat naps! Not bad eh?

floyd 6

If you want to see more of Floyd the Lion, you can follow him on Instagram here

Image source @floydthelion

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