I Got Professional Pictures With My Cat That Look Like Engagement Photos

A young man decided he would like to have a photoshoot with his beloved cat.

“I got professional pictures taken with my cat but they ended up looking more like engagement photos,” explained Reddit user wroboat.
And here’s the lucky kitty! Meet Charlie the cat!


The young man decided it would be a lovely idea to do something special with his beloved cat. When there was an opportunity for the two besties to take some nice photos together, he jumped on the idea.


Charlie is a big hugger. Throughout the photoshoot, Charlie would hold tightly onto the young man for a close-up shot, and would curl up in his arms or lap for a different pose.


By all accounts, these two best friends must share an incredible bond.

When this cat-loving man received the photos, he was surprised by how good they looked. “The pictures ended up looking more like engagement photos,” he said.


Don’t you think they make a lovely couple? They even share the same smile!


C’mon Charlie, smile for the camera!


It looks as though Charlie and his human really enjoyed their session at the photographers.


What a lovely way to capture the relationship between you and your kitty, this young man now has something about Charlie that he can hold on to forever.


Source: reddit/lovemeow

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