Meet Aurora, The Fluffy Cat Princess

Meet Aurora, the most beautiful and fluffiest princess cat ever.


Aurora is Blue Bicolor Ragdoll kitty who was named after the princess in Sleeping Beauty, and as you can see, her family consider her to be true royalty. “Cats are known for being the rulers of the house and Aurora takes that to the next level. She knows she is beautiful, at least that’s what her manners imply. It’s her way or no way basically,” say her humans, Emily and Niklas.


This delightful kitty from Sweden is treated like royalty…


“She enjoys doing what most royalties do: Eating, sleeping and being pampered.”


Cats are known for being the rulers of the house…


But unlike some royalty, Aurora is a very smart and lovable kitty!


Her humans joke about how she sees them as her servants…


In reality she loves them just as much as they love her


She even loves the family dog!


We think she’s the purr-fect princess!


You can see more of Aurora on Instagram and Facebook

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