Meet Wilfred Warrior! The Crazy Looking Cat

Meet Wilfred Warrior! He’s the Chinchilla Persian cat that has taken the internet by storm following his appearance in this viral video.

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This two year-old kitty lives in the UK with his human, Jenna Millward and when she first met Wilfred it was love at first sight. Because of his unusual looks there has been a lot of speculation concerning Wilfred’s health but Jenna assures us that the vet has given him a clean bill of health.

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Please don't panic! Although Wilfred LOOKS good enough to eat…. it was just a picture version of this saying, which if you Google means "supremely beautiful;aesthetically pleasing". Jeez…… Dunno if this is just a cultural thing lost in translation or something? One of my earliest memories is of my great grandma chasing me round the house telling me she was going to put me on a muffin and eat me, I loved it and giggled and giggled. Naturally I now say it to my children/pets, it means that something is soooooo cute that it's unbearable. Anyway, I thought about removing the post to stop the backlash but it seems to be inciting some interesting debates sooooo πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜½

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One of the most noticeable traits are his teeth and many people across the internet have suggested they need fixing, “the vet advised there was no need for surgery. His teeth cause no discomfort for him,” said owner Jenna to Buzzfeed

“The one thing everyone notices when they meet him is the way he looks, as in, the eye contact he gives… it is just so different to other cats and so humanlike,” explains Jenna.

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Friyay 🎊

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“He has a very wide range of expressions for a cat, which are again, human-like.”

Wilfred has a very large fanbase, over 240,000 followers on Instagram alone.

So all in all there’s no need to worry, Wilfred is a happy, healthy, well looked after kitty and is enjoying his new found fame.

We think he’s totally adorable!

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