See What Happens When You Leave a Camera LION around!

Take a look at what happens when you leave a hidden camera camouflaged in grass and leaves in the national parks of East Africa.

lion 1

British photographer Angus Stead did just that and has captured some of the most candid and incredible images featuring a pride of lions. 

lion 2

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An inquisitive young lion cub lifts its paw as it checks out the camera…

lion 3

Here he is again while the rest of the pride laze about in the midday sun…

lion 4.

This confident African lion uses the camera to try out a number of selfies ! 

lion 5

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lion 6

lion 7

The camera operates using a remote trigger from a nearby vehicle and can move around to be in the best possible position to grab the attention of the pride.

lion 8

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This allows Angus to get up close to the top predator…

lion 9

All photos @AngusStead

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( h/t: DailyMail )

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