25 Pictures of Spoiled Cats that Probably Live Better than We Do! Part II

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: January 11, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: January 11, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

If you are someone that has had a cat in their life for many years, you will know that they are at their happiest when they’re being totally and completely spoiled by you.

After all, in their opinion, they’re royalty and we are merely one of their many admiring fans.

In fact, our feline companions tend to dominate the household and have us running around doing whatever it is they want us to do.

Even when they’ve been up to mischief, destroying furniture, stealing food, or generally bringing chaos into our lives. We still allow them to get away with it all because we unconditionally love them.

We will do anything for them and in return they make us happy. And you know, they don’t realise they’re being spoiled, for them it’s just another normal day.

As you liked part one so much, we thought it was time for more!

So scroll down to see that these cats are totally unaware of how spoiled they are, but they certainly know who is the boss of the house!

1. Husband said he was going to make a bed frame, I thought it was for our new mattress. It was for the cat!


2. When you have to give your kitty a decoy laptop 


3. My cat loves to have a ‘cocktail’ every time I have a drink – this is her own glass 


4. We bought our cats child sized camping chairs 


5. Built our babies a loft for Christmas! 


6. Spa day with Dad 


7. Baby boy Tigger’s 30 minute morning ritual before his human heads to work 


8. Our new kitty wants to be cuddled 24/7 – this is our hands-free solution 


9. This weirdo screams until I let her come in the bath tub with me 


10. I shooed him off my lap and now he’s being a jerk about it 


11. Our cat is obsessed with blanket forts so we made him this. And added some wares for him to sell!


12. My niece decided that her kitties should sleep in bunkbeds 


13. Our senior cat came on holiday with us, found her like this after the maid had tidied the room 


14. Julie doesn’t care about morning hangovers. Chewy wants breakfast now! 


15. We don’t spoil our cat 


16. Grandparents went from “We don’t need a cat ” to “Did you set up Lulu’s spot for dinner? ” 


17. One of our kittens will only sleep in my daughters toy bath tub 


18. My cat loves to sit on my chest, it’s really uncomfortable but she’s so darn cute!


19. Cool, right? 


20. My friends have bathroom art for their cat 


21. Sometimes I worry that I spoil my cats 


22. Pepper obviously has a case of entitlement


23. She meows at me until I let her do this 


24. Of course my cat has his own hammock


25. Kitty castle 


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