Two Cats With Serious Food Envy

When it comes to meal time, it’s usually the dog that is there beside the table, looking longingly at your food. That is not the case with two lovely kitties, they love to sit beside their humans at meal time and appear fascinated by array of dishes they see before them. From Pizza to noodles to afternoon tea, they politely watch while their humans have their fill.

Because the two cats are there at every mealtime, this young couple have made it a tradition to take a photograph of their two fur-babies and the food. And who can blame them, two lovely kitties and a varied selection of very delicious looking dishes!

These hilarious photos have made their way onto Instagram where you can also see pictures of the kitties sprawling on the bed and generally having a good time.

food envy 1

Even the take away pizza and chips with a healthy side dish of broccoli looks appealing to these kitties!

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Sometimes they can’t resist reaching out with their paws for a little touch.

food envy 3

food envy 4

Oooh! Have you created these cat-shaped radishes for us?

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The look on this adorable kitty’s face is priceless!

food envy 5a

Just take as look at the assortment of dishes on these photos, no wonder these cats have got food envy!

food envy 6

food envy 7
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food envy 8

food envy 9

food envy 10

food envy 11
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food envy 12

food envy 13

More photos and info at Instagram

Photos:   @NAOMIUNO

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