Canadian Lynx is a Big Baby

Posted in Cat Stories - Last Updated: July 19, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: July 19, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

This is Max the Canadian Lynx and he is a big baby!

He's also an educational animal ambassador that takes a moment to get some good scratchin' before he sits down for his meal.


Max  lives in captivity. He's not completely domesticated but not wild either.

He was born at a zoo in May 2011 and although he's not domesticated he has been humanized. And of course he still has wild tendencies.


His mission is to educate the public on the endangered Canada Lynx in the hope that people will be driven to conserve their environment and protect the wildlife.


Technically the Lynx is listed as "threatened" and in the state of NY they are considered "extirpated." Unbelievably , it is still legal to trap these beautiful animals in Canada and Alaska.


His carers would like to stress that he is NOT declawed.

They explain: "During the winter he weighs 40 pounds and in summer about 34 pounds. He has about 4 inches of fur in this video which makes him look fat....I mean fluffy!"


"This video is NOT taken in my home but where he has an indoor enclosure. This is Max's rug with his fur, straw and other scents that he loves. He doesn't like the vacuum. Max also has outdoor housing where he spends most of his time. "

Watch the video to see how awesome he is:

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