Cat Who Lost Her Kittens Cries When She Meets An Abandoned Kitten

Posted in Cat Stories - On: March 2, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: March 2, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Tissues at the ready for this sad story.

A young man had spotted a black cat underneath a car in the pouring rain. The cat would not move from the spot and it looked as if she was in shock.


So he thought the best course of action was to call animal rescue to see what they could do.

When they arrived the cat was still sitting in exactly the same spot and had been for a number of hours.

They tried to coax her out with food but she wasn’t interested. Even when they tried to move the car a bit and revved the engine, she wouldn’t move.


It was time to call the vet and when she arrived it was discovered that there were some stillborn kittens around.

Sadly this kitty had gone into premature labor, perhaps she had an accident that had started this terrible chain of events.

Whatever the reason it was now imperative they got her out from under the car because she may still have a stillborn inside her which needed to be removed.

With the rain still pouring down the vet began her rescue and thankfully managed to get her to safety.


She was rushed to the clinic where they found that her pelvis had been broken, she had probably been hit by a car.

Thankfully there were no stillborn kittens inside her. They patched her up and it was thought that she would make a full recovery.


She was still feeling sad and the people at the clinic found the perfect solution.

A tiny kitten had lost his mother and need someone to care for him.


When they first introduced him the mother cat didn’t nothing.


Then her eyes welled up and she started to cry.

It was a defining moment because then she began to cuddle and clean the wee kitten.


What a relief that these two kitties were there to help each other get over their loss.


And there is a lovely ending to this story.

The man who first found her under the car came to the clinic asking to adopt her, he felt they were meant to be together and he wants to do everything he can to give her a good life.

So once she is fully healed, she’ll be starting a new life in her forever home.

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