Collie Found Abandoned Kitten and Won’t Leave Her Side

A Border Collie pup called Bunny was out walking with Heather, her human mama, when she started sniffing about energetically.

Heather looked about and she discovered a litter of kittens. The mother was nowhere to seen and on closer investigation she realised only one of the kittens was alive. It was clear that for whatever reason, the mother had abandoned them.

Meet Otto Pop the calico kitten…

collie 1

And this is Bunny the puppy…

collie 2

As well as Bunny, Heather lives with three cats so she knew she had to act quickly and rush the kitten home if she had any chance of survival.

Soon the tiny calico kitten, now called Otter Pop, was keeping warm in a soft towel and with a full belly she fell asleep. Bunny spends a lots of time by Otto Pop’s side, watching over her…

collie 3

Bunny stood guard all afternoon and soon the tiny kitten, whose eyes were still closed, crawled up to the puppy as she tried to look for her mama.

Heather explains: “Otter pop started rooting around on Bunny like she was mom. She [Bunny] was apprehensive at first… but she’s now settling into her role as mama cat quite nicely.”

She added: “I think this means the kitten has now adopted the dog.”
here they are having a snuggle together…

collie 4

And Bunny keeps her clean

collie 8

And makes the little kitten feel safe and cared for

collie 5

Heather was going to bottle feed little Otto until she was old enough to find a home…

collie 7

But the calico kitten had already decided where her home would be…

collie 9

It was right by Bunny’s side, her new adopted mama…

collie 6

All images @heatherkitty

(h/t: Lovemeow)

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