Cool Cat Rides The Subway All By Himself

train cat 1

If you live in Tokyo and regularly use the subway, you may find yourself sharing a carriage with a very special passenger.

According to RocketNews24 commuters say they have been sharing their journey with this cool cat since 2013 and never seems to be accompanied by a human. He decides when to get on and where to get off and has learned excellent train etiquette because he usually curls up in a neat, compact ball, so to make room for other passengers to sit.

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Sometimes he is seen hanging out with a friend.

And when the train is not too packed, he spreads himself out for that obligatory cat nap.

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This unassuming kitty has no idea that people actually take the same journey as him just to get a chance to meet him.

While riding public transport in Japan, animals are supposed to be kept in carriers, but it seems that Tokyo’s transit officers are making a special exception for this frequent feline commuter.

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