Farm Cat Nurses Six Baby Skunks Abandoned By Their Mother

Posted in Cat Stories - On: February 9, 2017 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: March 7, 2021  
Author:  Jan Travell

One week after being born, six baby skunks were abandoned by their mother.

Luckily, they were found by a local farmer whose resident farm cat who had just finished weaning her own kittens, it was hoped that she might take them on as her own.

skunk 1

She was reluctant at first, but her natural mothering instincts kicked in and she began to nurse them.

skunk 2

Two weeks have gone by and the six little “stinkers” are thriving and their new mom couldn’t be happier.

She has become quite devoted to them and even carries them around to show them off to visitors!

skunk 3

This adorable little family of skunks will be released once they’re old enough and able to fend for themselves.

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