Feral Cat Accepts Help To Save Her Kittens

Posted in Cat Stories - On: July 2, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: November 10, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Katie Lanza and her neighbours have been regularly feeding a feral cat in their area for over a year.

When the cold weather hit and blizzards were on the way they feared for this kitty. 

feral cat with kittens

They decided to name her Lipstick and began looking for her so that they could try and protect her from the severe cold.

It was five days later when they eventually found her, trapped underneath a neighbours porch, it was then that they realised that Lipstick was pregnant.

feral cat and babies

That was it, they were determined to capture her and keep her safe from the cold.

It took weeks of love and attention then one night Lipstick walked into Katie’s kitchen.

pregnant cat

It looked as if Lipstick was ready to let her human friends help her and her unborn babies.

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Two weeks later Lipstick gave birth to four adorable kittens.

Katies recalls: “Once they were born and Lipstick cleaned them up, we put them in a fresh kitty bed and used a cat heating pad to help regulate their temperature, she is very, very sweet but very protective."

stray cat

"She lets me handle her babies to check their weight and make sure they are nursing but will lightly smack my hand if I have been holding them too long.”

feral cat

Let’s hope Lipstick decides to stay with Katie, giving her kittens lots of love and affection that she herself had never known until now.

See Lipstick with her lovely babies in charming video:

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