Stray Mama Cat Gives Birth to Gilmore Girls Kittens!

Posted in Cat Stories - On: January 20, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: January 20, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Have you ever heard of Gilmore Girls, the famous TV show?

You have?

Well it's time to meet the Gilmore Girls themed litter of kittens!

kittens in basket

Their story begins when they arrived at Cat Adoption Team in Portland, Oregon from a county shelter.

Cat Adoption Team is a cat-only, non profit organization and Laura, along with her daughter Cassidy have been fostering kittens for them since 2011.

cat mom

“We take one litter at a time, anywhere from a single kitten to a mom with 9 kittens,” Laura shared with We Love Cats and Kittens.

Which means on average, they foster at least 25-30 kittens a year!

How awesome is that?

two kittens

"The past two years we’ve also fostered nine pups, one at a time, ranging from 4 months old to three years old. Pups stay from 2-6 weeks," she added.

This lady is obviously very dedicated to animal welfare.

When Laura decided to take this delightful family on, mom Lorelai was approximately two years old and a Siamese/Snowshoe polydactyl which means she has extra toes.

lorelai cat

Her five little furballs all appeared to be healthy and were thought to be around two weeks old.

The shelter soon realized that Lorelai was FIV positive, which was probably due to the harsh living conditions a stray cat on the streets has to deal with every day.

five kittens

FIV, otherwise known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, is a common problem in the cat world. This feline viral infection occurs worldwide and first appeared during an investigation of a disease outbreak in a previously healthy colony of cats within the USA.

When FIV in cats happens, it makes the cat significantly susceptible to infections and other illnesses, which is why experts recommend keeping FIV positive cats indoors, living a stress-free life.

[ You can find out more about FIV here ]

4 kittens

The shelter also discovered that she had been microchipped, which means at some point she was somebody's pet that had either got lost, been left behind, or even dumped.

Laura loved having this family in her care and told us when she first took them home she instantly knew that Lorelai was a sweet, mellow kitty, and before long she discovered that she was also very chatty!

lorelai mom

She was also showing herself to be a dedicated mother to her five (Gilmore Girls!) children:

This is Luke, who is very dedicated to his beauty baths and occasionally likes to show off his soprano voice.

luke kitten

Kirk is a playful boy, a polydactyl like his mon and his favorite pastime is chewing his toy baguette

kirk kitten

Paris is a real cutie adores having her belly rubbed

paris kitten 1

Babette is just the sweetest little cuddle bug

babette kitten

And Sookie is a playful young calico lady!

sookie kitten

This delightful family are well looked after in their foster home and as always, Laura is doing an amazing job.

When they were six weeks old, the kittens along with their mom had already found their future families.

litter of kittens

All of the siblings are going to homes where there is already an older kitty brother or sister to keep them company and show them the ropes.

And Lorelai, who is not keen on hanging out with dogs and other cats,  will have a human family all to herself.

Watch the video to see this delightful family in action:

Once they have been spayed and neutered, they will begin their new lives in their forever homes. The Gilmore Girls are moving on to greener pastures!

A big thank you to Laura, Cassidy and Cat Adoption Team for the aww-mazing work they do.

You can see more of the Gilmore Girls and all of Laura's other fosters on Instagram

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