The Tiniest Rescue Kitten Makes The Cutest Little Noises

When little Aoife first came into Shanta’s life, she only weighed 140 grams. From the first moment Shanta saw her it was love at first sight. She was smitten and it was time to take this tiny kitten home.


Aoife was orphaned at a very early age, she was also very sick and would obviously need somebody special to look after her. After arriving at her new home Shanta gave her her first bottle and she latched on immediately, it was obvious that this tiny kitty had a strong will to live.


After a visit to the vet it was confirmed that Aoife had no feeling in her back legs, but because she is so young she really doesn’t know that she is different to any other cat. Her determination and vigour for life shines, and her purr is loud and fast, she is definitely very happy with her life so far.

Watch the video to see her progress :

It’s so lovely to see how little Aoife has progressed in such a short space of time, she’s a lucky kitty to have very caring humans that have done all they can to give her the best life possible. She really is a very happy kitty and enjoys her life to the full.


And if you’re curious, Aoife means “beauty” from the Irish word aoibh. In Irish legend Aoife was a warrior princess. What a very accurately named kitten, she definitely is a warrior!

You can keep up with Aoife’s progress on Instagram

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