This Tiny Kitten Wears Socks As Sweaters

Latte was born the runt of his litter and was only the size of a piece of toilet paper. His foster had never looked after a kitten that had so many problems.

His eyes had a ‘glazed-over’ look about them and he would get tired really quickly. She felt that with food and lots of care he would soon be out the woods. But it was obvious when he was trying to play with his siblings that something wasn’t right, he was really struggling to keep up with them.

When he reached 5 weeks-old he started breathing with his mouth open all the time, there was definitely something wrong so she took him to the emergency vet. There were now two options to consider, take him home to die over the weekend or allow the vet to take a risk and do something she’s never done before, operate on a 5 week-old kitten.

The choice was obvious. Everyone was nervous but Latte pulled through and soon he was back home with his foster family. They had to be really careful with him so he was given fluffy socks to wear as protection after the operation.

As you can see in the video, it wasn’t long before he was jumping around and acting just like a kitten of his age should be.

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