Jenn’s Foster Five: The Heartwarming Story of 5 Tiny Kittens

Posted in Cat Stories - On: April 14, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: April 20, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

As a cold snap hit Nashville, the first furry fruits of the kitten season arrived at a local shelter.

And they instantly became everyone's darlings!

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Jenn Misora is a foster mom and helper at Metro Animal Care and Control in Nashville, Tennessee.

When she was alerted about five baby kittens arriving at the shelter one evening, Jenn knew she was the one to help.

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Their young mama had fled from dogs but never returned for her babies. They were freezing all alone and helpless without any chance to survive.

Luckily, someone heard their squeaky meows and called animal control, so an officer immediately came to their aid.

bottle feed

"They were born during a really cold snap in Nashville," shared Jenn with We Love Cats and Kittens.

"They would have starved and frozen to death if someone hadn’t heard them and called animal control!"

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"I took them in at 10 days old," she added. "An animal control officer dropped them directly at my house at 9pm and have been hand raising them since."

Because of their age, the kittens needed round-the-clock care which included bottle feeding every two hours.

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Thankfully Jenn is a seasoned foster mom and set to the task of hand-rearing and caring for their every need.

They were named Cupid, Romeo, Beau, and Flower, four playful boys, and their gray sister Lovey, the only lady kitten of the group.

Great names for kittens that were rescued just before Valentine's Day!

jenn 5

After being with Jenn for almost a week she couldn't believe how much they’d already grown. The babies were chubby and happy!

Jenn explains: "Despite a minor incident with the tip of a tail falling off due to frostbite, everyone is chubby, healthy, eating great, and happy."

"I certainly didn’t intend to kick off kitten season by bottle feeding 5 tinies, but go big or go home I guess? And who needs sleep anyhow!" She added.

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Over the following weeks, Jenn would devote herself to hand-raising the sucklings, feeding them, and caring for their every need.

2 kittens

Despite the challenges and sleepless nights, the furry quintet flourished under her care. They were getting bigger and stronger every day!

lovey 1

As they grew, their playful purr-sonalities began to shine and show more and more of a catitude!

Romeo, a tabby male, is a total lap cat. Even though he's super chilled he's the definitely the leader of the pack. 

"He's not even scared of the vacuum!" shared Jenn.


Lovey is the only female in the family and is only truly happy if she’s being held. She loves treats and a lap is her favorite place to sleep.


Jenn describes Beau as part puppy! He has the loudest purr and totally ADORES humans.


Flower has a really cute nose stripe, his favourite past times are eating and snuggling. Jenn says he's the bravest of the bunch.


Cupid is a real lovebug and loves to rub his face on yours. He dotes on Jenn and follows her around everywhere.


 With all the care and attention they received from Jenn, they quickly became proper little purr machines.

They've learned to love and trust people - especially the ones that wear hoodies!

jenn 4

"They are all SO SO sweet and snuggly - they just love everyone they meet and want to be held," says Jenn.

4 nashville

They were among the first kittens Jenn fostered as the kitten season kicked off, and quickly stole everyone's hearts!

Soon, the little ones were ready for adoption, and it didn’t take long for all of them to find their forever homes.

5 nashville

“Last morning with all 5 babies! It’s been so fun fostering these little ones and watching them grow,” announced Jenn on Instagram.

These little furry joys will bring happiness and love to their new families, just as they did to their foster mom!

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We wish them all the best as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Watch the video below:

A big thank you to Jenn for all the tireless work she does giving kittens the chance of a better life.

Jenn says: "If you’re interested in bottle feeding, I urge you to contact your local rescue or shelter to ask if you can help. Bottle feeding is a skill anyone can learn and it truly saves lives.

The first few days are always rough while your body adjusts to sleeping very little, but I promise it gets easier and it’s so rewarding."

You can see more of Jenn's other fosters on Instagram

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