London’s Deaf Cat Discovers the World on Two Wheels with Her Dad

Posted in Cat Stories - On: June 21, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: August 18, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Meet Sigrid, the delightful bike loving feline sensation of London!

Despite being deaf, she has captured the hearts of many as the city's fluffiest celebrity.

sigrid 13

If you live in London, you may have already spotted this magnificent white furball gracefully exploring the streets.

There she goes, perched in a bicycle basket, and captivating onlookers with her meows and occasional hisses, not just at dogs, but even at cats and kids!

sigrid 12

We spoke to Travis, Sigrid's devoted human companion, and he told us that she harbors a particular dislike for dogs, requiring his watchful eye to prevent her from chasing unsuspecting puppies.

sigrid 7

"Ever since she was a kitten, I've taken her on walks to various places like the beach and picnics in Golden Gate Park, back when we lived in San Francisco," shared Travis with We Love Cats and Kittens. 

But his first thought wasn't to get a kitty stroller so she could adventure further afield.

sigrid 2

During the pandemic, Travis found solace in cycling and decided to bring Sigrid along one day.

Much to his delight, she immediately embraced the experience with great enthusiasm.

sigrid 15

Now, Sigrid unabashedly demands her regular bike rides, making her presence known with resounding meows.

sigrid 10

She revels in her celebrity status, always attracting passers-by who shower her with affection and admiration.

And doesn't she look the Diva!

sigrid 4

 And like a true diva, Sigrid graciously accepts the compliments, basking in the attention she rightfully deserves.

sigrid 14

Along the way she has amassed many fans - including the famous actress Helena Bonham Carter.

Her TikTok account has had a staggering 232 million views.

Travis proudly states that Sigrid fears nothing and embraces every facet of this vibrant city, even its capricious weather.

sigrid 5

However, Sigrid's love for adventure extends beyond London's borders.

"So far, we've covered approximately 3,000 miles!" exclaims her loving human dad.

sigrid 6

Together, they have explored every nook and cranny of London, embarking on exciting journeys to Cambridge, Brighton, Godalming, Liverpool, and Edinburgh, with more destinations yet to be discovered.

sigrid 16

After an exhilarating ride, Sigrid unwinds in her own unique ways.

sigrid 3

 She enjoys gazing out of windows, indulging in numerous naps, and even kneading her dad's beard to create a couple of homemade biscuits.

sigrid beard

Travis explains that Sigrid isn't particularly fond of large meals like some cats and prefers to graze on dry food throughout the day.

As a kitten, Sigrid would engage in playful confrontations with her reflection, engaging in a friendly rivalry with the persistent white kitty that seemed to appear in every mirror. 

sigrid 1

Nowadays, this refined Londoner finds solace in occasional visits to a local pub, confidently lounging on a chair wherever she finds herself.

sigrid 11

Let us raise a toast to this captivating duo, wishing them countless more miles, adventures, and the joy they bring to the lives of those they encounter.

Not only in London but wherever their paths may lead.

sigrid 8

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