Stray Cat Brings Weak Kittens to the Man Who Feeds Her

Posted in Cat Stories - On: July 1, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: December 20, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

A kind man often fed a colony of stray cats that lived near his home.

Then one day, one of the young feral cats bought two little kittens to his home and left them on the porch.

She never returned.

When he found the kittens, they were barely alive. He felt that this young kitty didn’t think she could help them so left them with the only human that she knew.

He rushed them to a rescue centre, Operation Fancy Free, who told him they were critically ill as well as being covered in white slime and flies.

Sadly only one of the kittens survived the first night. They thought he was about 5 weeks old, both his eyes were severely infected and he was almost blind.

Despite his long list of ailments, and the fact he was almost blind, this little kitten refused to give up on life.


Foster mom Kat stepped in to help as he needed around the clock care. She began feeding him with a syringe every hour until he was strong enough to take from the bottle.

It was really important at this time that he gained some weight.

She tended to all his ailments, cleansing his sores and giving him medication throughout the day and night.


This poor ginger kitty was at death’s door for several weeks, but with Kat’s vigilance and his will to survive, he was finally on the mend.


As he gained weight and the cloudiness in his eyes began to clear, this little kitty’s personality began to shine through.

He was soon playing with toys and getting to know his surroundings.


It was time for him to learn more about the outside world so he was put in a room with another foster cat.

He greatly benefited from this, learning lots of new kitty skills and the two of them became firm friends.


Everybody thought his recovery was amazing, his will to survive had brought him through and now it seemed he was ready to be put up for adoption.

In fact, he was adopted by the first human he ever saw, the kind man whose porch he had been left on.

He named him Tyrion, took him home and introduced him to his new brother, Toby, who totally took him under his wing.

Watch the pair of them in action:


Everyone at the rescue center called him the ‘Miracle Kitten’ and were so pleased he made a full recovery and has a loving brother that is also his best friend.


A year down the line and Tyrion has blossomed into a beautiful kitty.


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