Sweetpea: The Ageless Wonder – Meet the World’s Oldest Living Cat!

Posted in Cat Stories - On: June 9, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: June 12, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Say hello to Sweetpea, a delightful 27-year-old calico kitty who holds the prestigious title of being the world's oldest living cat!

Can you believe it? In human years, she's surpassed the impressive age of 120!

Truly remarkable, isn't it?

sweetpea 11

Despite her senior status, Sweetpea is still a playful and lively kitty. 

She resides in a loving human-feline family, surrounded by warmth and care.

But her journey hasn't always been filled with sunshine and rainbows.

sweetpea 1

When Sweetpea was 22 years old, her human parents tragically passed away, leaving her and her younger brother Tutzi feeling lost and alone in the world.

It was undoubtedly a challenging time for these furry siblings, especially considering Sweetpea's advanced age.

sweetpea 14

However, fate had something extraordinary in store for Sweetpea.

Kind-hearted people stepped forward and opened their hearts and homes to this endearing senior calico and her beloved brother.

What a blessing in disguise!

sweetpea 6

Sweetpea's long life has been quite an adventure so far.

Born in 1995 in Missouri, she has ventured through three different states.

But now, in the present, she finds herself in the company of Tutzi and their new brother Fumar, who is also a senior kitty.

sweetpea 12

Initially, there were concerns about how he would adapt to his new companions.

Fumar, himself a senior kitty, had been the only child all his life and his humans were worried how he would react to the newcomers.

tutzi 2

To make matters more challenging, both Sweetpea and Tutzi had to deal with ringworm. 

To ensure everyone's well-being, the kitties had to be kept separate until they fully recovered.

tutzi 1

However, as time went by, Fumar's heart opened up to his new siblings, even though Sweetpea's occasional feline sassiness can be a bit overwhelming at times!

"Fumar still gets intimidated by Sweetpea. We can't blame him because she's not a regular cat," shared their human with We Love Cats and Kittens.

sweetpea 10

Now, let me tell you about Sweetpea's peculiar food habits.

When it comes to treats, she turns into a lightning-fast ninja, snatching morsels right from under the noses of her fellow felines.

sweetpea 8

Her humans affectionately describe her as a pro at food thievery.

"It took her a while to learn to give Fumar some space and to this day she is a speedy beast when food is involved so she'll snatch anybody else's treats right out from under them."

sweetpea 13

The bond between Sweetpea and Tutzi is truly heartwarming.

Despite the challenges that Sweetpea's age brings, she continues to care for Tutzi by grooming him whenever she can.

sweetpea 3

During mealtimes, Tutzi acts as Sweetpea's adorable escort, guiding her to her designated feeding area before tending to his own needs.

They have such a loving sibling dynamic!

sweetpea 5

Given Sweetpea's advanced age, she requires extra attention and care. Her humans lovingly tend to her grooming needs, as she struggles to clean herself properly.

She also deals with challenges such as urinary incontinence, arthritis, mobility issues, and digestive troubles.

However, none of these obstacles dampen her enthusiasm for both feline and human cuisine

sweetpea 16

She also possesses a special talent for persuading people to share their meals or shower her with treats.

Her charm is simply irresistible!

sweetpea 7

Oh, and here's an amusing detail—her favorite beverage is what her humans fondly refer to as "treat juice."

It's nothing more than water with crunchy treats floating in it. Such a quirky feline preference!

sweetpea 9

Caring for two senior cats like Sweetpea and Tutzi is undoubtedly a labor of love.

It requires patience, time, and financial commitment.

sweetpea 15

However, the rewards and fulfillment derived from providing them with the utmost care and attention are immeasurable.

 Sweetpea's human lovingly describes the experience as both challenging and gratifying, knowing that their beloved feline companions appreciate the efforts made on their behalf.

sweetpea 4

To Sweetpea's humans, these cats are more than just pets—they are cherished family members.

Their endearing nature and delightful antics bring boundless joy and warmth to their lives

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