Meet the Tippy Tuxies, the Wobbly Wonders of the Cat World!

Posted in Cat Stories - On: October 25, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: January 8, 2024  
Author:  Jan Travell

Introducing three incredible felines: Rosie, Daisy, and Calvin, lovingly known as the Tippy Tuxies!

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 These three charming cats share a unique condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, but let me assure you, it doesn't dampen their spirits one bit.

If anything, it adds an extra layer of charm to their already endearing personalities.

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Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), commonly known as "wobbly cat syndrome," distinguishes them, but it's crucial to emphasize that this condition isn't contagious and doesn't cause them any pain.

Instead, it gives them a unique and heartwarming way of moving that's sure to put a smile on your face.

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CH is typically caused by a pregnant mother cat getting the panluekopenia virus while pregnant which in turn affects the development of her unborn kittens.

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Their journey began in a warehouse, where they were born to a feral mother.

Fortunately, some kind-hearted souls heard their tiny meows coming from within the walls and came to their rescue.

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Fate intervened when their human mom Kris crossed paths with them in 2016 while she was taking adoption photos at the rescue center.

“It was love at first sight,” she fondly recalls.

tippy 10

Little Daisy was the first to capture her heart.

“She couldn’t stand or walk yet without leaning on walls or furniture, but she managed to crawl across the tile floor and into my lap.”

tippy 7

It wasn't long before the wobbly siblings with fancy tux coats became permanent members of her family.

tippy 15

Calvin, in particular, enjoys being in the spotlight and parading his toys around the house.

"He's an extremely happy boy and doesn’t let being a special needs cat get in the way of having fun," explains Kris.

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"While Rosie may be a wobbly cat, she considers herself plenty capable and independent. She is smart, silly, and is incredibly sweet and loving."

She's always there with a nose kiss just when you need it most, and Daisy, though a bit slower in her movements, is just as determined to reach her goals.

tippy 12

According to Kris, the idea that cats are standoffish doesn't apply to these lovely felines.

tippy 14

 Their wobbles are just an extra touch of uniqueness to their already sweet personalities.

tippy 5

Of course, taking care of cats with cerebellar hypoplasia requires some home adjustments to ensure their safety and comfort.

Their litter boxes were customized, and a special cat tower was installed to make climbing easier.

tippy 9

Rugs were scattered throughout the house to protect them from potential injuries.

For their human mom, these accommodations are a labor of love in her rewarding journey of caring for her wobbly kitties.

tippy 8

In their black-and-white tuxedo attire, the Tippy Tuxies may be a bit different, but that's precisely what makes them all the more lovable.

tippy 3

Rosie, Daisy, and Calvin are living proof that even in the face of adversity, love and determination always shine through.

Check out these lovable kitties in the video below:

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