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Kitty Poo Club: The Cat Litter Box Subscription Service Reviewed (2024)

Posted in: Cat Litter, Cat Supplies - Last Updated: January 8, 2024 - Author: Rebekah Carter
Last Updated: February 10, 2022  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

As much as you love your kitty, cleaning their litter box on a regular basis is one of the worst things you’ll have to do as a cat owner. No matter how super-absorbent and convenient your cat litter is supposed to be, you’re always going to have to deal with messy spots and bad urine odor and poop smells. 

A cat litter subscription box, like  Kitty Poo Club, is designed to remove some of the headaches of dealing with the litter tray. Rather than having to deep-clean a litter box once per month, you simply throw the whole thing away and replace it with something new. 

kitty poo club litter tray

The Kitty Poo Club box is designed as an end-to-end litter solution, complete with everything you need for a month’s worth of toilet management. Your cat litter boxes will be delivered straight to your door on a monthly basis. All you need to do is recycle the cardboard at the end of each month.

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We tested the various formulas offered by Kitty Poo Club to bring you this guide to one of the top litter box subscription options on the market. Let's dive into our Kitty Poo Club review.

Kitty Poo Club - What Is It?

Let’s start with the basics. The Kitty Poo club is a monthly subscription service for cat litter. The solution promises free shipping of a fully recyclable, odor-fighting, and leak-proof litter box system once per month. To make finding the ideal product from Kitty Poo’s collection simple, the website has a little quiz where you can answer questions about the cats in your household.

Based on the information provided about your feline friends, Kitty Poo will create a “starter package”, which includes a litter box, the litter of your choosing, and various “extras” you can consider too, such as a box dome (to reduce scatter), a scoop, and a litter tracking mat.

With Kitty Poo, you’ll have multiple different types of litter to choose from, which is rare for this kind of subscription service. There’s also the opportunity to shop for multiple cats at once. 

Once you set everything up, Kitty Poo Club starts sending your chosen items on a monthly basis. You can also go into your account and add extras from time to time too.

diagram of how kitty club service works

Kitty Poo Club Review: What to Expect

Simplicity is at the heart of the Kitty Poo club service. The whole point is to give you an experience that’s straightforward, convenient, and perfect for all kinds of households. When you click the “Get Started” button on the Kitty Poo Club website, you’ll be sent to a questionnaire which prompts you to answer various questions about your preferences and household.

You’ll need to tell the company how many cats you have, what kind of cat litter you like, and if you’d like additional accessories. Each shipment comes with a cardboard litter box, and your choice of litter. 

The litter box is patented and eco-friendly, made entirely from recycled materials, so you can recycle everything at the end of each month. The system is entirely moisture and leakproof and is built to last 30 days – provided you only have one cat. 

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We were impressed by the size of the box, which is around 19 inches in length, by 10 inches in height, and 15 inches in width. You can also add a dome top.

Kitty Poo Club Review: Product Options

Kitty Poo club actually offers a wide range of products today. However, the main item you’ll need to choose when building your package is the litter you want your box to come with. 

The litter options include:

  • Diatomite: This is the non-clumping basic litter from Kitty Poo. It’s safe for your home and pets, and great for absorbency and odor control. According to Kitty Poo, the substance is taken from natural sedimentary rock, is hypoallergenic, and suitable for minimizing tracking.
  • Silica: For ultimate odor control capabilities, the large-grain silica gel is ideal for absorbing all kinds of smell and waste. The substance comes from natural minerals, and is non-clumping, which may be easier for some people in search of easy-clean litter trays. The silica is also low-tracking, 99% free from dust, and comes with absolutely no scents, dyes, or chemicals. Like the Diatomite, the silica litter is completely safe for pets.
  • Fine grain silica: There’s a fine-grain version of the silica available from Kitty Poo club, which has a fine, sandy texture. This silica gel product is ideal for minimizing scooping, and it also has enhanced minerals for odor control. There’s minimal dust, and absolutely no dyes, chemicals, or scents to worry about.
  • Clay: The most common clumping option for the Kitty Poo club, the clay litter comes with fantastic odor control, and extra-hard clumping functionality. This substance is completely natural, with no scents or chemicals. There’s also minimal dust, according to the manufacturer, and no toxins to worry about either.
  • Soy litter: The latest addition to the Kitty Poo club collection, the soy-based litter is entirely plant-based and made with food-grade pellets. There’s minimal tracking, no dyes or scents, no chemicals, and minimal dust. This product will also create clumps for easier cleaning and odor control.

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Outside of the variety of litter options available to choose from, Kitty Poo club also sells a host of other items. You can buy additional bags of litter if you feel the need, as well as food and treats designed with the best possible ingredients for your cat. 

Kitty Poo Club also offers a range of accessories for cats, toys, collars, and harnesses too. While some products are designed to go with your box, like the cardboard dome, or the catch-all mat, others are similar bonus products for your cat.

eco features of kitty poo club

Kitty Poo Club Review: Pricing

Pricing is pretty straightforward with the Kitty Poo Club. You can choose to simply buy the litter on its own, pay for the box separately, or buy both together. The exact price of your box will depend on various factors, including whether you need a standard-sized box or an extra-large option.

Most of the types of litter available with the Kitty Poo Club are included for the same price, so you can get virtually everything for $24.99 per month. However, the clay litter box is a little cheaper at $23.99. There’s also no shipping fee, which is a nice way to save a little extra cash.

You may end up spending a little more than average if you decide to invest in additional products for your Kitty Poo club purchase, like a dome or scoop. However, you don’t have to buy the accessories to maintain your membership.

Kitty Poo Club Review: What to Expect

Signing up for a subscription service like the Kitty Poo Club is quick and simple. You’ll be able to choose from a range of product options and make your purchase in no time. Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire and paid for everything the team gets to work sending your box. 

The box isn’t preassembled – you’ll need to slot everything together yourself – but the process is very simple. You’ll also need to get rid of the boxes you use yourself. However, the full box can usually be placed in the recycling bin.

Litter quality

The fine-grain litter from the Kitty Poo Club is decent enough. The fact you have various options to choose from is nice if you have a cat that’s picky about what they’re willing to use. Compared to other clumping litter products, the Kitty Poo Club isn’t terrible, but it’s not perfect either.

Despite claims of minimal mess, granules and dust, you may need to spend some time cleaning around after your cat or kitten. This may be a little less of a problem if you order the dome accessory to go with your box, as this helps to reduce scatter.

Box quality

The Kitty Poo club has designed its disposable cat litter box to be as durable and leak-proof as possible. However, it still can’t quite compare with a plastic box. Cardboard just isn’t as durable as a full reusable box, and there’s always a risk your cats could end up crushing something or putting a hole in their litter tray. 

On the plus side, if you can get past the somewhat flimsy nature of a cardboard disposable litter box, you do get the benefit of a litter box less likely to hold large amounts of bacteria over time. You can simply throw the litter tray away to reduce the risk of germs piling up. 

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Disposal of the litter box can be a little tricky, unfortunately. Though it’s unlikely your box will break or collapse in-use, it can very easily crumble when you’re carrying out to the trash can. I’d recommend making sure you have a trash bag or something underneath the box at all times.

Scatter and tracking

All of the various kinds of litter offered by the Kitty Poo club are intended to minimize tracking. This ensures you shouldn’t have as much dust and mess to worry about as you would with more traditional litter options. Of course, products like clay litter will generally have more tracking issues than those made from silica. 

Scatter is a problem with these trays, unfortunately. Though most of the litter is designed in a way that won’t stick to your cat's paws when your cat is getting out of the box, they can easily kick this litter around. You can consider buying a mat which helps to minimize this problem. Alternatively, as mentioned above, there’s the option to buy the additional dome accessory.


In terms of convenience, the Kitty Poo club certainly has a lot to offer. The whole purpose of this system is to make your life easier, with minimal cleaning required for your standard litter box. The whole point behind this product is to reduce the need to buy litter on a monthly basis and deep-clean your litter boxes at the same time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to stop cleaning your litter trays entirely. You’ll still need to maintain the trays by picking and scooping out clumps as frequently as necessary. If you don’t want to scoop anything your only option will be to consider a self-cleaning box – and even those aren’t guaranteed to get rid of the work entirely.

Keep in mind you’ll also have to deal with the headache of throwing your entire litter box away once a month, but this is something you’ll quickly get used to.

recycling features of kitty poo club

Durability (How long does it last)

The Kitty Poo club promises your litter boxes will last for a full month for a single cat. However, this isn’t always the case. You might need to switch out the litter a little more often if your cat goes to the bathroom very frequently. 

The box should last up to one month, but only if you only have a single cat in the household. The good news is the cardboard, while it might not seem very strong, should hold up very well. Unless your cats are deliberately attacking their box, you shouldn’t have to worry about wear and tear.


One point worth noting when you’re investing in a subscription litter tray like that offered by the Kitty poo club, is cardboard trays don’t always look very attractive. Fortunately, the Kitty Poo club design their trays to be as attractive as possible, with beautiful designs on the outside and a sturdy, minimalist structure. This ensures you don’t have to worry about your home looking too much of a mess. 

The litter box is also designed to be as appealing as possible to your kitty. There’s plenty of space for each cat to move around within the box and find their ideal position when they’re going to the bathroom.

Why Consider a Litter Box Subscription?

You might be wondering why you would bother with something like the Kitty Poo club subscription in the first place. For the most part, kitty families don’t have too much trouble dealing with the regular litter box on a regular basis. If this is the case for you, then a litter subscription might not seem necessary.

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The good thing about a subscription box is how convenient it is (which is why we like the NomNomNow fresh cat food subscription so much as well).

You can avoid the stress of having to shop for disposable cat litter on a monthly basis for your cat. Plus, you can pretty much forget about the big “clean out” session you have to do with your litter boxes every so often to get rid of bacteria. 

At the end of each month, all you really need to do is throw your box in the recycling (hopefully after the new one has already arrived). Plus, with the Kitty Poo club litter box subscription, you get the extra benefit of a tray that can be filled with your choice of litter.

Unlike other litter tray subscriptions which essentially offer the option of clumping or non-clumping, The Kitty poo club is a lot more versatile. This means it will suit a wide range of cats. You can even buy your accessories and other products in the same place if you like.

what you get in the kitty poo club box

Kitty Poo Club Review: The Verdict

The Kitty Poo Club subscription box is a good-value solution for the modern cat owner. If you hate having to thoroughly clean out the litter tray once a month, then this subscription can help to reduce that thankless work. You’ll also be able to reduce odor and other issues with bacteria around the home because you’re regularly refreshing the whole litter tray.

You will need to continue maintaining your litter tray as normal with this subscription box but getting the right litter can make this a lot easier. As an added benefit, it’s worth noting the Kitty Poo club will send your products to you without any shipping fees, which is a nice way to save some extra cash.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the subscription box will be perfect for everyone. Even with the extra large sizing available, you might have trouble with this box if you have a particularly large cat. Plus, you’ll need to deal with the fact that a cardboard box is never going to be as durable and reliable as a plastic counterpart.


  • A convenient subscription model ensures you don’t have to deep-clean your litter box each month. Just recycle and replace.
  • Biodegradable and well-made boxes ensure you can enjoy your trays all month long without any issues, then throw them in the recycling.
  • Minimal tracking and dust help to reduce the amount of mess around the litter tray.
  • Multiple litter options to choose from, each of which are free from any nasty chemicals. All litters are also designed for odor control.
  • Reasonable pricing structure with free shipping.
  • Lots of additional extras on the website if you ever decide you want to treat your cat.
  • Easy enough to put together and use.
  • Easy enough to put together and use.


  • Might not be the most eco-friendly solution for sustainability warriors.
  • Throwing the litter trays away can be a little bit of a headache at times.
  • Not as durable as a full plastic litter tray.

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