Bus Driver Stops Traffic to Save Tiny Kitten

Kristian Nabus was riding his motor bike along a busy road in Quezon City, Manila, when he saw a small kitten in the middle of the road. Fortunately, a bus driver was already aware of the situation and stopped his bus, known as a jeepney in the Philippines, in order to save the small kitten from getting run over by oncoming cars.

He was filming the whole incident on his “head cam” and the footage shows the jeepney driver bustling his way through lanes of busy traffic in an attempt to reach the cat. We see one taxi drive right past the kitten, but then our jeepney driving hero stops another taxi from moving forward, picks up the tiny feline and puts him down on the grassy verge.

Kristian wasn’t comfortable with that so asks the man to give him the cat, which he did. “I was worried for the safety of the kitten when he put him there so I asked the guy to give him to me,” Kristian told his local newspaper. “At least he did his best to save the kitten.” He tucked the kitten into his jacket and continued to work.
This story has an even happier ending as the kitten has now been adopted by one of Kristian’s cat loving friends.

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