Crazy Lion Plays Fetch Like a Dog!

Cat Man Chris aka Cole and Marmalade’s human dad, has been on a great adventure. He’s a self confessed crazy cat guy and a true lover of all cats big or small, recently he had the opportunity to volunteer at some of South Africa’s big cat rescue sanctuaries.

Here he is at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary where one of the female lions love to play with sticks! Chris says: “We all know most dogs like to play fetch, but when you think of lions, playing fetch with them doesn’t really spring to mind. Well this lion is different, her name is Serabie and she likes to play her own version of fetch!” How awesome is that? Chris adds: “Remember these cats may look cute and cuddly but they’re still WILD ANIMALS! … Don’t trust any facilities that allow contact with big cats.”

For more info about Emoya, visit their website:
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Click here to check out some very lazy lions playing ball together!

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