Have You Seen The Way This Cat Walks Away From His Food

Now a lot of people believe that, unlike a dog, you cannot teach a cat tricks or train them to do things on command. Well, I think most of the people that are reading this know this is not true. We have seen many videos of Didga, who has been trained to do all sorts of things by her human, who just happens to be an expert dog handler and trainer, in fact Didga is probably one of the most talented cats in the world and has even got her name in the Guinness Book of Records.

The lovely white kitty in this video is from Japan and is called Momotaro.  Now I am unsure if he has been trained but according to his owners he starting walking on his back legs some time ago and now when he doesn’t like the idea of eating what’s in his food bowl he does this! So whether he has been trained or not, you have to agree, he’s an incredibly talented kitty!

Click here to meet a very clever cat that knows exactly what to do when he’s thirsty!

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