Kitty Cate & Her Kittens – So Much Cute & Crazy Fun!

Doug aka DrNworbs KitsCats is a lover of cats. For many years Doug and his partner have been amazing foster parents to many many needy kittens.

Doug explains: “On March 25th 2013 Kitty Cate gave birth to her 6 kittens at VOKRA. Cate had been abandoned while pregnant to fend for herself on the street. Luckily a nice couple found Cate and called VOKRA so that she could give birth to her babies in a safe place. We started fostering Cate & her kittens on April 2nd when the kittens were 9 days old and had the joy of their company until they were 10 weeks old. The kittens were adopted into great homes in pairs and Cate found a fabulous forever home too. The footage in this video is from when the kittens were about 4 or 5 weeks old. The kittens are Bonnie & Clive (white face tabbies), Rex & Little Bear (black ones) and Abbey & Artemas (tabbies).”

Click here to see a delightful foster kittens called Mutsu!

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