We Rescued a Terrified Abandoned Kitten – The Transformation Will Amaze You!

A teeny tiny kitten was found on the roadside near to the drainage.

She was very afraid but couldn’t move let alone run away due to hunger and fatigue.


A kind hearted man called Peter, spotted the kitten and immediately he knew he had to help.

He scooped her up, gave her water and decided the best course of action was to rush her to the vet.


On the way to the clinic she fell asleep in his arms, feeling safe at last.

Once there she was completely checked over and given medication and vaccinations.


Peter and his family knew that the little kitten was to become part of their family, they gave her a much needed bath and decided to call her Hetty.

From that day on, the little black and white kitten thrived and her transformation is amazing.

hetty 2

It totally warms the heart to see the kindness and care given to this little kitty that was found on the side of the road barely clinging to life.

Watch the video to see her amazing transformation:

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