Stray Cat Scratches Window During Snow Storm And Asks To Be Let In

While Nathaniel was working from home on a snowy day he noticed something strange outside his apartment window. There was a stray cat scratching at his window, asking to come in…and who can blame him, it was freezing out there. He immediately recognise the cat as Chunk Chunk, on of the members of a nearby stray cat colony.

Knowing that Chunk Chunk was having the worse time of his life, he knew he had to do something. Nathaniel had never been a cat fan, but his fiancée Renee, volunteers her time to help keep the local community cats safe. He couldn’t leave this kitty out in the cold and snow so he allowed the shivering cat in so she could warm up on such a miserable day. He was worried that she wouldn’t get on with dog so kept her safe in the bathroom.

A week later she is still with them and has even had a visit to the vet to make sure all is well. They are hoping that she will get on with the dog because it had been decided that this would be her forever home.

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