The Coronavirus Cat Rescuer of Wuhan

It is estimated that more than 30,000 pets have been left stranded after the Chinese government sealed off Wuhan following the coronavirus outbreak. The city has been under quarantine lockdown since January 23. In response, people trapped in Wuhan have been volunteering and checking in on the animals whose owners are stuck outside the city. As of the 14th of February thousand and 1016 people have died of the coronavirus in Wuhan and over 30,000 people have been affected.

This is Ye Jialin’s story of how he is helping the pets of those who are currently not allowed to return home. “When Wuhun was first quarantined, it felt like being on a film set of an apocalypse movie. After Wuhan was sealed I decided to volunteer and help feed and look after the cats and dogs that belonged to people that can’t return because of the quarantine.” He is sent the information needed to help him to get into the properties and to feed the cats. Many worried owners have contacted him so that he can check to see if their pets are still alive. Sometimes owners have sent him their keys or have given him their door passcodes, other times he has had to break in. Once in the property he will put out fresh water, plenty of food and clean the litter tray. “I don’t feel afraid,” explains Ye Jialin. “What I am more scared of is getting to an owners apartment too late and finding that their pet is already dead. I’d blame myself for that.” I think he’s doing an amazing job in such difficult conditions.

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