30 Pictures of Yin And Yang Cats That Look Purr-fect Together

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: March 15, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: March 15, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

There are a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding black cats that have always shown them in a bad light, basically they are bad luck.

Whereas white cats have the reputation of being good luck. In reality we know that this is not true, but it is true to say that they are opposite because of their color.

So, take a look at this fabulous photo collection of black and white cats together.

Just like Yin and Yang, they are completely opposite, yet at the same time they perfectly compliment each other.

1. The Purr-fect Yin and Yang


2. Neighbors


3. The Cuddle


4. The Cross-over


5. The Paradoxical Mirror

yin 5

6. Yin, Yang & Quack!

yin 6

7. The Love Heart


8. The Stare


9. Simply Beautiful


10. The Black and White Shadows


11.  Purr-fect Harmony


12. The Hangout


13. Yellow-eyed Cuties


14. Furr-ever Together


15. Yin-Yang Kitties

yin 11

16. Yin And Yang Floofs

yin 12

17. Positively Adorable

yin 13

18. Black and White Cuddles

yin 1

19. White Vs Black

yin 2

20. Yin And Yang Cats

yin 3

21. All Brand New

yin 4

22. Twins

yin 5

23. Little And Large

yin 6

24. Black And White Buddies

yin 8

25. White Paws And Black Tail

yin 14

26. Indifference

yin 7

27. Black And White

yin 9

28. Fluffy Black And White

yin 10

29. Happy Together

yin 13

30. Sleepy Yin-Yang

yin 15

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