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17 Cats That Look Like Celebrities

It is sometimes said that humans and their pets quite often resemble each other and I have to say that in some cases this is entirely true.

But what we see here is something altogether different, here we have a selection of kitties that have the looks and expressions of some our favourite celebrities, some of them bear such a striking resemblance that I had to do a double take because I couldn’t tell which was which!!

So sit back and have a good giggle at 17 cats that look like celebrities.

1. Adrian Brody

Celebrities 1

2. Charlie Chaplin

celebrities 2

3. Tom Selleck

celebrities 3

4. Beyoncé

celebrities 4

5. Christian Bale (as Batman)

Celebrities 5

6. Clint Eastwood

celebrities 6

7. Cat Deely

kat deely

8. Marilyn Manson


9. Ron Perlman (the resemblance is uncanny!)

celebrities 9

10. Iggy Pop

celebrities 10

11. Jamie Hyneman

celebrities 11

12. Albert Einstein


13. Ricky Gervais (in the bath!)

celebrities 13

14. Jabba the Hutt

Celebrities 14

15. Salvador Dali

celebrities 15

16. Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebrities 16

17. And finally, it’s Dobby from Harry Potter!

Celebrities 17

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