18 Hilarious Pictures of Cats Sleeping Awkwardly

It’s a well known fact that cats spend most of their day sleeping and by all accounts they tend to do it anywhere they fancy. And when I say anywhere I really mean anywhere, in any position.

And when I say anywhere I really mean anywhere, in any position. I find it hard to believe that these kitties are comfortable, but they are, it’s like they their flexible bodies are made of plasticine and they use this to their complete advantage.

So take a look at these 18 hilarious pictures of cats sleeping awkwardly because they will definitely bring a smile to your face!

1. Definitely plasticine!

awkward 1

2. Overworked….

awkward 2
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3. The Copycat

awkward 3

4. The Copydog!

awkward 4

5. The Copykitten!!

awkward 5
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6. The Puss in Boot

awkward 6

7. The Clothes Horse

awkward 7

8. It’s true, cats are made of liquid

awkward 8

9. The ‘If I Fits’ Cat

awkward 9
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10. The Sunbather

awkward 10

11. The Town Drunk

awkward 11

12. The Catscan

awkward 12

13. The Cliffhanger

awkward 13

14. The Yoga Expert

awkward 14
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15. The Sandal Snuggler

awkward 15

16. Yep, definitely plasticine!

awkward 16

17. Just bizarre!

awkward 17

18. The Headlock

awkward 18


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