21 Hilarious Reasons Why Every Cat Lover Should Own A Glass Table

Have you ever seen what your cat looks like from below whilst sitting on glass? They become a completely different animal, often with hilarious results.

Some of these kitties look like boats while others tend to resemble loaves, but without a doubt all of them are equally sweet and funny!

So take a look at this great collection of unusual photographs of our kitties doing what they do best, sitting around, only this time we are seeing them from a completely new purr-pective.

And if you love them like we do don’t forget to rush out and buy yourself a glass table!

1. Every Step You Take Every Bag You Shake Every Fish You Bake I’ll Be Watching You!

2. My mother just sent me this picture… she just woke up and had this fella sleeping over her bed

3. My kitty is always crushed

4. Cheeky chubbiness and bootyfulness

5. The most spectacular view from the bottom

6. Bean Paws

7. Oh hello. I didn’t see you down there

8. I am watching you

9. Cats are liquid

10. Wish you a pawsome day. Beautiful pawsies Lola and Nina

11. Sleeping like that

12. Looking up at a full set of jellybeans

13. Melting cloud

14. Squishy Boi

15. Floof

16. The anatomy of a catloaf

17. Chubby Cheeks

18. Judging you from on high

19. A curled peet, jellybean toes fully on display



20. Human, if you post this pic of me there is going to be problems



21. Is there such a thing as too many wrinkles?



( h/t: boredpanda )

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