Is That a Fluffy Cloud? No it’s Sky the Ragdoll Cat

Sky is an extremely fluffy Ragdoll kitty who is made of mostly fluff and underneath all that fur he has a lot of personality!

He has tufts and fluffs all over his body, you can hardly see his jellybean toes through all that fluffiness! it has made him very popular on Instagram where he has over 39,000 followers.

This adorable Ragdoll loves to pass the day laying on his human’s bed where he mimics a giant fluffy pillow or he snuggles into a sink with his magnificent fur overflowing the rim. And after a hard day’s photoshoot he chills out in a big easy chair where he drifts off to sleep and dreams of fluffy white clouds!

Amongst all that fluffiness he has beautiful blue eyes

sky 2

It’s thirsty work being an Instagram superstar!

sky 1

Strike a pose!

sky 3

I’m ready for my belly rub…

sky 4

Like all cats: “If I fits, I sits!”

sky 5

I’m thinking of going into acting…this is my angry face!

sky 6

I can also mimic a giant fluffy pillow

sky 8

And I love hugs!

sky 9

And I love to dance!

sky 10

Do you like my fabulous furry mane?

sky 11

So tired of all these pictures…

sky 12

Here I am showing off my acting skills

"Have you ever killed something? I have. May you never crackle again, long blue thing." #skytheragdoll

A video posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on


"Whip your tail back and forth." #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

A video posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on


You can see more of Sky on Instagram

All photos @skytheragdoll

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