16 Hilarious ‘My House, Not My Cat!’ Pictures Part 2

Have you ever come home and felt there’s another presence in your house?

You pass by the lounge and see a cat sitting on your sofa, you think “awww, a kitty” and continue on your way. Then you realize that it’s not your cat, in fact, you don’t even have a cat!

How did it get there? And if you do own a cat – where has my kitty gone?

Stephanie Holcomb founded a Facebook group named ‘My House, Not My Cat’ back in October 2016 because she kept seeing ‘This Is Not My Cat’ memes pop up all over the internet.

“Cats would just let themselves in people’s houses via doggie doors or open windows, and these people didn’t have cats! They were hilarious, so I did a little search and found that there wasn’t a group made up specifically for that yet.”

So if you’re in need of some good vibes, you’re going to love the My House, Not My Cat Facebook group. It’s a wholesome online community dedicated to people who share photos of cats who somehow end up in their homes, visit their yards, sit on their roofs and generally hang out in places that they really shouldn’t be!

And as you liked part 1 so much, we thought it was time for more! So sit back and enjoy part 2, scroll down to be amazed and let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below.

1. I Left The Door Open A Moment Too Long When I Got Home One Day And This Little Goob Sprinted Inside, Circled The Living Room, And Plopped On The Floor


2. Okay, So About A Week Or So Ago I Had Just Gotten Home From Work When I Hear A Meow At My Apartment Door


I open the door to check out the noise and this orange baby comes walking in like ‘cool, I live here now’. I already have two cats and a large dog but this new one is walking about with no issues or fighting.

3. My House. My Coffee Table. Not My Cat


4. Soooo, This Is My Car, That Is Not My Cat


5. The Mama Cat Who Had Babies In My Garden Shed. She’s Ultra Friendly And Her Babies Are Thriving! We’ve Got A Few Friends Interested In Adopting Them, But I Think We *might* Keep Them


6. My GF Ask Me Why Did I Put A White Cat In Our Laundry Room, Didn’t Know What She Was Talking A Out, Send Me The Pic Felt In Love With Cat, Cat Is Now Part Of The Family


7. I Do Have A Cat, He’s The Cat On The Left. The Cat On The Right Is Not My Cat. He Would Very Much Like To Be My Cat. I Too Would Also Like Him To Be My Cat. My Actual Cat Disagrees With All Of This, And So Do His Owners


8. This Beautiful Girl Visits Almost Every Day For Breakfast! We’ve Named Her “Magic”


9. My House… Not My Cat…


10. My Flat, Not My Cat!


11. Is This How One Acquires A Cat?


12. My Baby’s Bassinet, Not My Cat


13. My Dog, My Couch. Not My Cat


14. Why Do Neighbourhood Cats Always Come To My House?


15. My Bed. Not My Cat. Left The Front Door Open And Came Into My Room To Find This Kitty


16. This Is Sharon. Sharon Would Sneak In The House On A Daily Basis And Pretend To Be Asleep When We Had To Escort Her Out. Sharon Is Not Our Cat, Nor Do We Know If She Is Actually Called Sharon


Source: boredpanda

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