This Beautiful Cat with a Unique Face Will Melt Your Heart

Meet the kitty that’s become a real show-stealer thanks to her unique two-colored face.

Known as Chimera cats, these special kitties have double-colored facial features which are thought to be the result of genetic chimerism, a natural occurrence when one kitty is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs.

This trait has made them extremely popular in the cat world and although Chimera cats are not that rare, each one has their own unique appearance.

Scroll down to meet ‘Cat,’ who also goes by the name of Wendy, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.


Wendy lives in Thailand with her human, Eve, and since the start of her own Instagram page, she’s become the talk-of-the-town due to her double-colored face.


Wendy’s favorite snack is toilet paper, a fact that most cat owners can relate to!


And her closest friend is apparently a cockroach, there is no accounting for taste, but hey, each to their own I say!


“She is half Persian and half Scottish,” explains Eve, but what’s striking about the cat is her split colored face in white and grey. “I think she looks like Harvey Dent from Batman,” she laughed.



She’s a loving and sweet feline who can steal anyone’s heart with her cuddly personality.


And her love for toilet paper is so big that her Eve thinks if Wendy could speak, she would most likely say: “My fans, if u love me, send me toilet paper!”


She also loves to hunt, but not mice or birds as you would expect. Cockroaches are her thing, even though her best friend Peter is one of them!


With her exotic look and charming personality, it’s no wonder Wendy has taken the internet by storm.


She’s certainly stolen my heart!


You can see more of this delightful kitty on Instagram


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