30 Warm and Cozy Pictures of Tucked in Kitties

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: October 11, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: October 11, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

Cats love warm places, cats love cozy spots - so it comes as no surprise that cats love to be tucked in. 

And of course the place they love the most is in between the covers and blankets on your bed.

On Reddit, there is a subgroup where people post photos of their cats tucked in and they are all adorable. 

The group is called Tucked in kitties, it's been running since 2014 and boasts an incredible 381,000 members with plenty of new pictures being posted every day.

For all of us cat lovers, it's a total delight. There is nothing sweeter than seeing kitties tucked in and looking extremely cute. The purr-fect place to be.

So sit back and enjoy our collection of warm and cozy kitties because it's sure to give you that fuzzy feeling inside. 

1. Dreaming of all the ankles she's going to attack when she wakes up.

attack ankles

2. Twelve week old foster kittens

foster kittens

3. The ultimate tucked-in kitty

4 pics

4. Seth attempted to tuck himself in. A+ for effort, Seth.

A for effort

5. Meet Oliver. He lives for when the bed is made.

meet oliver

6. Anyone else’s cats LOVE to be tucked in for bed? Potato will run over and lay down and wait until I do it!


7. Triple take!

triple take

8. He sleep, he peep, and he hug his tiny sheep

tiny sheep

9. Husband and wife


10. Goodnight Reddit

2 tucked in

If you've ever wondered why cats love to sleep between your legs, you can find out here

11. What my students can't see while I'm online teaching

tucked in

12. The ultimate tucked in kitty!

ultimate tucked in

13. My sweet boy Mufasa passed away Monday, here he is tucked in. Gone too soon

big bed

14. Our baby Mischief sleeps with her bunny feet sticking out

bunny feet

15. My husband tucks our cat in every morning before leaving for work. This is my favourite photo.

tucked in husband

16. Tell us a bedtime story please!

bedtime story

17. My sheets are permanently covered in fur, but he’s so worth it


18. Came home and my grandparents said to me, "You need to see Rocky right now"


19. Beans out for heat regulation

beans out

20. How purrrfect is my little Will?


21. Illegally smol tucked in kitten


22. I went to tuck in my daughter only to find this Kittycatcat had already taken her place and gone to bed.


23. Popcorn tucked in after a long hard day of doing nothing

tucked in 2

24. My 18 year old girl and having a well deserved rest


25. My special little girl having a lil nap with me

lil nap

26. Tuna sleeps like a hooman


27. When we were looking for new roommates, I put this photo in the ad. Safe to say it didn’t take long to find roommates.

room mates

28. Callie is happy we are back from vacation to tuck her in

callie tucked in

29. Back when he was a tucked in kitten

tucked in kitten

30. Catto is ready for bed. Night night

night night

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