The Way My Cat Took Care of a Stray Kitty will Melt Your Heart

Fred was orphaned, scared, underweight when he was found in a parking lot. He was a month and a half old “fits in your palm” tiny kitty when he was introduced to a two-year-old male tabby, Karl.

What happened next was no short of wonderful, a beautiful friendship that will last forever.

When he was found, Fred was tiny, scared, alone and missed his mama sooo much.

fred 1

Karl, being no less than a gentleman, took him under his own wing and showed him the ropes

fred 2

He became his protector and took upon himself to take care of this tiny furball that had tumbled into his life

fred 3

He did his very best to make up for all the love and affection little Fred had lost

fred 4

Years on, Fred hardly ever leaves Karl’s side, and gives him all the love he deserves

fred 5

And he deserves a lot of love!

fred 6

They’re always curious about everything…

fred 7

This dynamic duo are always there to help in the kitchen while lunch is in the making…

fred 8

…to lounging around afterwards, which is what they do best!

fred 9

This delightful duo are a great reminder that the love you give to others always finds its way back to you

fred 10

You can see more of Fred and Karl on their website

( h/t: boredpanda )

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