Cat Visits Hospital For a Year and Gets a Job as Security Cat

Did you know that hiring cats to do human work has become a thing? Well that is exactly what happened at the hospital in Australia recently.

This is Elwood, he’s an adorable cat that has been seen hanging round the main entrance of Epworth hospital in Melbourne, Australia for the last year.


One of the hospital employees, Chantel Trollip, said that she met Elwood about a year ago and since then she’s seen him at the hospital almost every day. She had no idea where he had come from, or who is owner is, that is if he does actually have one.


But it was soon discovered that he lives across the road with his real family and he has a twin brother named Jake. (The Blues Brothers!) Elwood appears to really love hanging out at the hospital, he’s such a regular that most of the people that work there have got to know him.

After a while, nobody really bothered questioning why he was there, they all just started treating him like another employee. Then one day Chantelle noticed a strange tag that was attached to Elwood’s collar. On closer inspection she realised it was a hospital employee’s ID badge and on it was written ‘security.’


“I first noticed his ID badge on him in June. I was actually having a case of the sads that day, but seeing his ID badge turned my whole mood around!” explained Chantel. “When I first saw him, he wasn’t wearing anything, so I assumed he was a stray. Then someone put a collar and tag on him and now most recently he’s got his own ID badge, which is identical to our actual staff badges down to the call codes on the back.”



Meanwhile Elwood is taking his new job seriously, he’s doing it just like he used to before he was promoted to being a full-time employee of the hospital. He still enjoys all the attention that he gets from people but he doesn’t linger around in one group for too long and has decided he doesn’t have time for cuddles.


Well done Elwood, you are a credit to the cat population. The only thing I need to know now is how they pay him – in tuna perhaps?



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