Senior Shelter Cat Can’t Sleep Unless New Mom Holds His Paw

Posted in Cat Stories - On: July 7, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: July 7, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

A 13 year-old kitty was surrendered to a shelter and was looking for a new home. When his new mother first saw him it was love at first sight.

Meet Jamie!


Senior Jamie is a loving Burmese cat that ended up at the shelter after his owner moved into a nursing home and couldn’t take him with her.

When he first arrived at the RSPCA Australia, he had cat flu, bad teeth and kidney problems, but they gave him the medical care he needed.

Still, the staff were worried no one would want such an old cat. But then along came Sarah Dempsey.


“When I first met Jamie he was asleep, but woke up as I bent down to look at him,” Sarah explained.

“He clearly wanted some pats so I stuck my hand through the slot of the enclosure and he head-bumped me and purred.”

“Later the staff let him out to see how he was with me and he was so affectionate. I knew he’d rescue me from feeling alone, and I’d do the same for him.”


So the caring staff didn’t have to worry because Jamie’s story has a happy ending and a new owner that loves him as much as he loves her.

It didn’t take long for Jamie to settle in to his new home.


“He won’t leave my side,” said Sarah. “He is extremely affectionate, head-bumping and weaving around my legs. He likes talking to me at night and follows me around my apartment.”

The two of them quickly bonded. So much so, that he won’t go to sleep at night unless they are holding hands.


It’s good to know that Jamie will live out his days in his new forever home with mom that loves him to bits.

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