This Shelter Kitten Felt All Alone Until Someone Saw Her True Beauty

Posted in Cat Stories - On: August 6, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: August 6, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

It must be really hard to be a shelter kitten when all the potential adopters pass you by.

They must think – Is this it for me? Will I ever be part of a loving family?

Sadly, there are so many unwanted cat and kittens that end up at the shelter and not all of them can be adopted.

Scroll down for the story of one such kitty, who thought she was never going to get adopted, but that all changed when Imgur user Aoladari paid a visit to the shelter.


Trinity the kitten was quite lonely in the shelter, she really wanted potential adopters to give her a chance.

Sadly, people would just pass her by because she hissed at everybody she met. But all she really wanted was to love and to be loved.

However that all changed when one woman saw her potential and decided to adopt her.


Aoladari explains: “This was the day we adopted Trinity, she was skittish and terrified of the people looking for companions.”

“Families were passing her by for two reasons: 1, she wasn’t a “whole” cat and 2, she was hissing and growling at everyone that tried to open the door to her cage.”


At this point in her life she was recovering from surgery having had her leg removed, it was thought that she may have been abused but no-one knew for sure what had really happened.

This kind lady knew that Trinity would make a good addition to her family and she had already decided that the next time she adopted it was going to be a special needs kitty.


After being at her new home for a few hours, Trinity slowly inched her way out of solitude to get used to her new surroundings.


“Our vet said they did an amazing job, leaving the scar in a Y shape so she wouldn’t have flexibility issues.”

And they were right, before long Trinity showed she had amazing core strength.


And it didn’t take too long for her to become part of the family, she met her new brother Chewbacca and soon the pair were inseparable.


And here she is having a cuddle with her sister Gaia…


She was no longer the same lonely cat that lived at the shelter, she had become a happy kitty that loves the life with her new family.


And here she is four months down the line, her face has changed so much you’d hardly believe it’s the same cat.



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