18 Human Behaviors Cats Hate and Wish You Wouldn’t Do

Posted in Cat Videos - Last Updated: August 24, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: August 24, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

We all love our cats dearly and because of this we do everything we can to make their life as pleasant and happy as possible.

Sometimes, without us realizing, this really isn’t always the case because human behaviors don’t always fit in with a cat’s lifestyle.

Even when we think we’re doing the right thing, cats are very different to us and there are many things that seem normal and okay to us, but cats really don’t like.

In this video we discover many human behaviors that we consider normal,  but are things that cats aren’t really suited to.


One of these issues which can be a regular occurrence is forced socialization.

Most humans are sociable by nature, but unless it’s a housemate or lifelong friend, cats are generally not fond of other felines.

This is because of their animal instincts and territorial nature. The family home is their space and other cats are looked upon as unwanted visitors.


Another one of our human behaviors is drinking cows milk.

Although feeding cow’s milk to cats is thoughtful as a pet lover, it can actually do more harm than good.

This is because generally, cats are lactose intolerant and is harmful to their digestive system and health.

cute milky kitten

Something that happens often in out house is having dogs visiting with our friends.

Dogs have an instinct to chase small preys — especially a fleeing cat.

It’s no secret that cats typically don’t enjoy being chased.

no dogs cat sign

At the end of the day we are only trying to help but sometimes the things we take for granted as normal can be potentially harmful to our kitties.

I’m not sure I agree with everything in this video, but there are some things that I didn’t realise and from now on will take into consideration to give my kitty a safer and more loving environment to live in.

Watch the video to find out more:

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