48 Adorable, Funny or Amazing Cats!

Robert Dollwet aka Catmantoo is an animal trainer from Australia, he has two amazing cats, Didga and Boomer. They are both very intelligent and renowned for their skateboarding skills. One day he thought it would be a good idea to take a look at other cats that had similar skills.

Robert explains: “Several months ago I put the word out on our FB & IG accounts asking our followers to send in clips of their cats doing something (you guessed it) funny, adorable or amazing… WELL, I wasn’t disappointed with the clips sent in.” He chose 48 of the best clips and created this paw-some compilation for our entertainment – I can assure that just like Robert, you will not be disappointed!

Click here to see just how skilful Didga is at skateboarding and jumping over dogs! 

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